All photos shown are of 1/6 scale plastic models, they are not real firearms or accessories. Purely collectibles and non functional models.

One Sixth Striker – The 1:6 Scale Modern Military Figures Database is a photo database of 1:6 scale models, these are model kits not real weapons. This database should contain most of the 1:6 scale modern military figures, weapons and vehicles. Outdated products are to be added as time permitted and given resources are available.


  • 1:6 Striker is not an online store, no figures are available for sale
  • I am not in affiliation with any of these brands or manufacturers.
  • The images hosted on this website are collected from various sources on the internet.
  • I do not own any of these images unless tagged with One Sixth Striker logo.
  • I do not claim ownership of any of these images, they are simply here as a compilation for references only.
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