D&K Workshop IDF Givati Brigade in the Gaza Strip

A surprise figure out of nowhere by a new brand D&K Workshop, Israeli Defence Force Givati Brigade in the Gaza Strip. Sporting bunch of new gears that never been released in 1/6 world, this has got the collectors going wild since we have been waiting for an Israeli military figure for a long time.

BrandD&K Workshop
NameIDF Givati Brigade in the Gaza Strip
Model NumberDK80001
Release Date2016
Price Range$120-150
Parts ListBody
  • Head Sculpture
  • DK Action Body 1.0


  • Givati Beret
  • IDF Combat Shirt
  • IDF Combat Pants
  • IDF Combat Belt
  • Black Combat Boot
  • IDF Tactical Knee Pads
  • Givati Shoulder Tag
  • IDF Army Officer field ranks Segen

Tactical Gear:

  • IDF IIIA Helmet
  • Elastic Helmet Bands
  • Mitznefet
  • MD Combatant Vest
  • M24 7×28 Military Binocular
  • IDF Tactical Shooting Glasses
  • Tadiran PRC-710MB Multi-Band Radio
  • H-189 Handset
  • IDF Source Hydration 3 Litre System
  • IDF First Aid Bandage


  • IMI Tavor-21 Assault Rifle
  • 5.56 x 30mm Magazine
  • MEPRO 21 Day / Night Illuminated Reflex Sight
  • MEPRO MX3 X3 Magnifying Scope
  • FAB Tactical LED Flashlight
  • FAB Quick Release Tactical Foregrip
  • Custom Gun Rail Cover
  • IMI Magazine Coupler
  • IDF Rifle Sling
  • Jericho 941 9x19mm Pistol
  • 9x19mm Pistol Magazine
  • IDF Stun Grenade
  • IDF Tear Gas Grenade


  • Tallit
  • Teffilin
  • Kippah
  • Book of Psalms

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