DZ Soviet SS-22 Nuclear Warhead Version 2.0


DISCLAIMER: This is a toy NOT real, measuring 25cm in length

Brand: DZ

Name: Soviet SS-22 Nuclear Warhead Version 2.0

Model Number: N/A

Release Date: 2017

Price Range: $120-$150

Parts List: N/A

A new one sixth brand DZ just announced two products, one of them is this Soviet SS-22 Nuclear Warhead Version 2.0 which is directly the same as Black Box Toys Metal Warhead that was released in early 2000. It seems Black Box Toys has returned to the scene under a different name and re-releasing their old offering. Even though the version is numbered as 2.0, it is unclear if it is just a re-release number or an actual redesign product.

One Sixth Striker is not an online store, NOTHING is for sale and these are 1:6 scale plastic models not real size replicas. Please do NOT contact me regards sales and production, I have nothing to do with the release of the models shown on this site and I can’t help you with it. Your message will be ignored.

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