Easy & Simple US Navy NSW Direct Action Overwatch Sniper

Brand: Easy & Simple

Name: US Navy NSW Direct Action Overwatch Sniper

Model Number: 26018S

Release Date: 2017

Price Range: $140-160

Parts List: N/A

Another collaboration between Easy & Simple and Black Ops Toys, a new figure is of another US Navy SEAL, a Naval Special Warfare sniper. Nothing too exciting of this release, just another subpar looking gears from Easy & Simple. The price on these aren’t as attractive as their quality is way below of DAMTOYS and Soldier Story and for a similar price point.

One Sixth Striker is not an online store, NOTHING is for sale and these are 1:6 scale plastic models not real size replicas. Please do NOT contact me regards sales and production, I have nothing to do with the release of the models shown on this site and I can’t help you with it. Your message will be ignored.

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