FeelToys Female Commando Viper Camo Set

Brand: FeelToys

Name: Female Commando Viper Camo Set

Model Number: FT003

Release Date: 2017

Price Range: $70-90

Parts List:

  • Camo Combat Jacket
  • Camo Combat Pants
  • Camo Women’s Sports Vest
  • Tactical Belt
  • Tactical Boots
  • Camo Baseball Hat
  • D3CRX Chest Rigs
  • Half Hand Gloves
  • Sun Glass
  • P226 Pistol
  • Tactical Gun Holster M4 CQB
  • M4 CQB Assault Rifle
  • One Point Rifle Sling KAC QD
  • KAC QD Suppressors
  • Holographic Sight
  • Advanced Targer Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light
  • Gun Light
  • Dual Pressure Pad Remote Switch

Another new contender in 1/6 scale brands, FeelToys introducing their first release – a ‘viper’ camouflage BDU for female figure. The set however does not include a body or head sculpt like MC Toys. The set includes everything else you’d need to set up a combat ready female operator.

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