High-Toys Republic of China Air Force 401st 455th TFW

Brand: High-Toys

Name: Republic of China Air Force 401st 455th TFW

Model Number: HT1201

Release Date: 2017

Price Range: $120-130

Parts List:

  • Personal equipment-
      • Head
      • Action body
      • Hand x 2 pair
      • Helmet HGU-55/P(CE)
      • Gas mask MBU-20/P
      • Blue side cap
      • Sun glass
      • Lift jacket LPU-9/P
      • Parachute hanger PLU-15/P
      • White T shirt
      • One piece suit (green)
      • One piece suit (Orange)
      • One pair glove
      • G suit jacket CSU-17/P
      • G suit pant GSU-13/P
      • A pair of boot
  • Badges
    • 401th unit
    • 455th unit
    • 21th unit
    • F-16 badge
    • F-16 Fighting Falcon badge
    • Pilot chest badge

An interesting offer from a brand new brand High-Toys, starting off with a Republic of China’s (Taiwan) F16 Pilot under 401st and 455th quadron. It is definitely a welcome piece for 1/6 aviation collection, there isn’t enough pilot figures out there. It is nice to have a figure from another country that hasn’t been covered before, and I hope it is not the last for Taiwan.

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