LEOTOYS ASU Hong Kong Airport Special Police Group (1.0 Training Version)



Name: ASU Hong Kong Airport Special Police Group (1.0 Training Version)

Model Number: 17001

Release Date: 2017

Price Range: $130-150

Parts List:

  • Body
    • LEO Toys Custom made Body x1
    • Hand with Tactical gloves x3
  • Uniform
    • PROPPER TAC.U Coat (LAPD Navy) x1
    • PROPPER TAC.U Pant (LAPD Navy) x1
    • Arm patch (flag x1, badge x1)
    • Danner DFA 8” GTX Tactical boots x1 pair
  • Gears
    • Ballistic helmet x1
    • Blue Helmet cover x1
    • ESS Goggles x1
    • Bullet-resistant vest x1
    • Tactical belt x1
    • SUREFIRE V70 Flashlight holsters (Polymer Speed Holster) x1
    • Side-break scabbard x1
    • Hook x1
    • Waist bag x1
    • Waist bag with handcuff pouch x1
    • Radio pouch x1
    • Radio push-to-talk button with headset x1
    • 6004 Tactical holster x1
    • (With OC pouch & multi-tool sheath)
    • MP5 & pistol magazine leg pouch x1
    • Advanced tactical knee pads x2
  • Weapons
    • MP5A3 x1, with:
      • Low mount
      • Red dot Reflexible Sight
      • FAB DEFENSE MP5-RS Tri-rail Handguard System
      • Tactical flashlight
      • FAB TAL-4 Tactical Vertical Foregrip
      • H&K 3 Point Factory Sling
    • G17 with flashlight x1
    • Bullet resistant shield with tactical flashlight x1
    • (With battery)
    • Baton x1
    • OC foam x1
    • Handcuffs x1
    • SMG magazine x3
    • Pistol magazine x3
  • Other item
    • Multi-tool x1
    • Flashlight x1
    • Radio MOTOROLA MTP850 x1

Another 1/6 company join the race! LEOTOYS announcing their new figure – Hong Kong ASU (Airport Security Unit) version 1.0 Training. Such an interesting choice of first release, just days after Soldier Story announced their ASU limited edition figure. This figure comes with some nifty gears, including a tactical shield with light up function, overall a pretty solid figure for a first offering.

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