Mini Times US Navy SEAL Team Six – M009

Brand: Mini Times

Name: US Navy SEAL Team Six – M009

Model Number: M009

Release Date: 2017

Price Range: 120-150

Parts List:

  • Head Sculpt
  • Articulated Body
  • G3 Shirt (MultiCam)
  • G3 Pants (MultiCam)
  • BDU Belt (Brown)
  • Tactical Gloved Hands (Brown)
  • Salomon Quest 4D GTX (Brown)
  • Afghanistan Shirt
  • Afghanistan Pants
  • Sandals
  • A-Frame Ballistic Helmet with Cover (MultiCam)
  • GPNVG-18BNVS Night Vision Goggles
  • Manta Strobe Lights
  • V-Lite x2 (Blue & Red)
  • HD Camera
  • MPLS LED Light
  • Strike Glasses
  • AN/PRC 148 Radio x2
  • Peltor COMTEC II Headset
  • Peltor PTT x2
  • S&S Precision Plate Frame Tactical Armor Plate Carrier (MultiCam)
  • Waist Pouch (MultiCam)
  • Drop Leg Pouch (MultiCam)
  • Rifle Magazine Pouch x3 (MultiCam)
  • Pistol Magazine Pouch x3 (MultiCam)
  • LHT MOLLE Hydration Pouch (MultiCam)
  • PRC 148 Radio Pouch x2 (MultiCam)
  • Flashbang Pouch x2 (MultiCam)
  • Grenade Pouch x2 (MultiCam)
  • P226 Pistol
  • P226 Holster (MultiCam)
  • P226 Magazine x2
  • HK416D Rifle (MultiCam)
  • HK416 E Magazine x3 (Black)
  • EOTECH EXPS2 Sight
  • Angle Grip
  • Scout Light with Low Profile Mount
  • Suppressor (MultiCam)
  • Rifle Sling (MultiCam)
  • Tactical Knife
  • Flashbang x2
  • Grenade x2
  • Tri-Fold Restraint Plasticuffs x2 (Yellow)
  • Glowstick x3
  • Patches

Mini Times just announced two exciting figures in their SIX series, featuring the operators of History Channel’s SIX TV show. This SEAL Team Six operator resembles Richard ‘Rip’ Taggart the ex-team leader played by actor Walton Goggins. The figure comes in full MultiCam tactical gears, and the head sculpt is surprising realistic and very close resemblance to the show’s character ‘Rip’. Playing true to the show, the figure also comes with an additional Afghanistan clothing set just like what the character worn from the show after being captured. From the look of the Coming Soon poster, there seems to be a third figure portraits the character Ricky ‘Buddha’ Ortiz played by actor Juan Pablo Raba, definitely a must see release. I hope Mini Times plans to release all the operators in the team, including Alex Caulder (by Kyle Schmid) and Robert Chase III (by Edwin Hodge).

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