Brand: VeryHot


Model Number: 1050 

Release Date: 2017

Price Range: 80-120

Parts List:

Body and headscupt not included

  • Balaclava
  • Camo Combat Jacket
  • Camo Combat Pants
  • Tactical Belt
  • Red Hand Gloves
  • Tactical shooes
  • FAST Carbon Helmet
  • GPNVG18&Battery Pack
  • Radio&Headset System
  • Manta strobe+V-lite
  • Black Jumpable Plate Carrier
  • TACO*4
  • Pistol TACO*5
  • Radio Pouch
  • Molle Pouch
  • Water Bag
  • Padded Belt
  • Dump Pouch
  • Tactical Axe
  • P226 Pistol
  • HK416 D14.5RS  RAHG Hand Guard
  • One Point Rifle Sling
  • Front Grip
  • Suppressors
  • Holographic Sight
  • Advanced Targer Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light
  • Gun Light
  • Dual Pressure Pad Remote Switch

VeryHot surprises us with an interesting release, not original but interesting. This release is an clothing set that mimic that of a Z.E.R.T. operator, donning all black BDU with red accents accessories from head to toes. Definitely a welcome addition to Z.E.R.T. fan in building that zombie apocalypse kill squad.

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